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Pilates is an exercise system that focuses on core strength, breath, flexibility and body awareness. I take the practice further by focusing on how the technique perfectly aligns with proper biomechanics. This encourages health and longevity by lessening impact and increasing the effectiveness of every movement. You will gain better posture, strength and flexibility. You will feel and look good with a new sense of awareness. Pilates changed my relationship to my body. It uses anatomy and function to teach you better sense of presence, embodied awareness, control of movement.

I have crafted my ability to cue and pace each exercise to help avoid the common injuries that often develop over time from muscular imbalances and poor postural habits. I have been teaching dance and body work for over 15 years. No matter your age or ability, each session or specialized program is tailored to your needs and personal goals.


Please allow an additional 15 MIN for a CONSULTATION & POSTURAL ASSESSMENT with your first session


Jillian Stein has worked with me for over two years as my Pilates instructor. I would describe her as the best instructor I have worked with in the eighteen years I have been doing Pilates. She was able to quickly access my physical weaknesses and keep me fit. Jillian is a people person and I would highly recommend her as an instructor.
— Lee Johnson - Pasadena, CA
Jillian is one of the best health and wellness practitioners out there. She truly takes the time to get to know you and your body and finds the perfect plan to meet your goals. She is very knowledgable of the human body and how it moves. Some of my extremely bothersome chronic pain issues started disappearing soon after starting working with Jillian. I developed a stronger body and mind, and my weekly sessions kept me motivated throughout the week to continue working on staying healthy and on track.
— Amy plouff - los feliz, CA
I can say without hesitation, that Jillian is the best Pilates instructor I have worked with. Her compassion, humor, patience and knowledge are exemplary. After working with her for over a year, I noticed vast improvements in my strength (specifically core), my flexibility, and my posture.
— dustin Ruben - pasadena, CA
I’ve been working with Jill for years now. She’s by far one of the best and most thorough Pilates instructors I’ve worked with.... and I’ve been doing pilates for 20 years. She’s taken me through many phases in my life and varied the training as needed to my situation. Sometimes a great intense workout, other times, due to injuries..a more therapeutic approach. For those reasons ...I’ve come to trust her with knowing how to keep my body healthy and in the best possible shape. She’s the best!!
— sherry klein - hollywood, CA



It is my goal as a practitioner to help you achieve optimal health holistically in order to meet your full potential. There are many reasons that people aren’t meeting their fitness goals. I have worked hard, continuing my education and physical practice to best meet the individual needs of my clients.

I offer practitioner referrals, and informative resources regarding nutrition and other health practices to enhance your exercise regimen. Addressing the whole body for optimal health. The ultimate goal, no matter your physique, is to get your body in balance and you finely attuned to what it needs.

‘Health is the first requisite to happiness.’

-Joseph Pilates