WHY work with JILL

I am a professional dancer and have been certified in Pilates since 2009 and Myofascial stretch in 2018. I have a Masters in choreography (the art of teaching movement) and a Specialists Diploma in choreological studies (the practical application of movement theories). Basically, this is not just my job. Movement and understanding the body’s many capabilities is my entire life’s work!

I attribute the longevity of my dance career to my understanding of bio mechanics and the many modalities I have learned while caring for my body as a performer. I can incorporate release technique based in Franklin Method and Alexander technique, as well as manual therapies for the muscles, bones and fascia. I love sharing these tools with people and watching their bodies change.

I have experience working with a wide range of clients of all ages and abilities (athletic training to post-op). I take pride in my extensive knowledge of the body as a means to address the various needs of each client. I aim to make each class a gratifying experience that allows you to associate your physical exercise with feeling good and having fun.